Thursday, October 06, 2005

Learning GLOBE for 2 yrs.!!!!!

Watever i study here i somehow cant relate it to how i'll be using it at my workplace (well, most of it). Just dont understand wats the use of subjects like bio, dwo, itm or for that matter am i gonna remember qam, etc also after 2 yrs, if at all i get to use it at my workplace (chances are in 0.0....%) . This place is globe, basically i know that the companies r finally gonna recruit me bcoz i cleared cat-thats it-not any gr8 value-add from that place. I sometimes dream of starting a mgt insti, without globe and with actual content that's helpful in the workplace. Wat for that matter, a person gone thru ITI knows much more practical and useful stuff than one gont thru IIT(thats my general perception of engg--well me not form iit, though--not anywhere near it, but then Who Cares!!)


Anonymous said...

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Mukund said...

Reached u when i was searching for "Leaving Infy". Search the same. Some intresting things.
Waise maine bhi infy chor di.