Sunday, December 24, 2006

Presuures building..

Lateral Placements are just round the corner. The presuures really starting to build up on me..frankly, dont hv much of a profile which many companies wud like..first not a very good engg college..then exp in operations in a not-so-known company, then a shift to an IT job, and now majoring in finance & systems. In the beginning, it was like that i really want to learn things, and hence tok up finance, but its a fact tht fin is the only 'real' specialciatn here..most of the other specialisations include jus passing time & nt much of learning. Still, the whole point is its very difficult to get into a good fin company here, with loads of ppl majorinf in fin (many of them invovling only in fraud fin subjects though :( ) for the laterals, thrs definitely a lot of pressure...getting to this place itself had given rise to some huge expectations fr many ppl, including me..nw tht tension is whether thrs any chance of me standing upto those expectations, or will i falter (for the many reasons)......Hv really been low on confidence after entering this place..jus hope i get bak to i used to be..atleast before leaving..& surely a good job will do wonders fr tht....hoping to finally get something out of this place...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of Term 5

So Term 5 at Hel(L) came to a climax today..The Batch of 2007 is flocking to its nests "officially" for the last time now. Moi had decided to stay back for my own reasons...Am sure these will be the most borrrriiiinggggg dayz for me at Hell :(
Cant help...hv to get thru it now..may it be movies, may it be playing, or resume making etcc what do i do now ??????????? :(((

Saturday, April 01, 2006


So am leaving for Aamchi Mumbai today. From there, its the Summers at Gurgaon. Already kind of feeling nostalgic about this room. Cya, lucknow. Meeyt u after 2 months...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Half journey thru.....

Examz get over tmrw (oopss! its past 12 midnight. Shud say today instead lol) . Me thru one yr of slogging at L. Will be off to home the day-after. 1 cool week at home, after which i'll leave for my summers st Aviva, Gurgaon. Still am happy dont hv to slog nights-out with these books. :-)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Favourites...

Dont know why i'm writing them here, but am getting bored, so just writing it. Probably will see some years later... :-)

I Tried So Hard
And Got So Far
But In The End
It Doesn't Even Matter

Never been to a pub.
Never had a sip of beer.
Never smoked a cigarette.
Guess I have bigger addictions and Life is one of them

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friday, March 17, 2006

Hey, its been on year since i first started this first test blog Had thought that it wud be a one-time affair, but hey hv carried it fwd for one whole year. Seems a long time from my perspective....
Though hv shifted to
Will post back in a year LOLLL

hehehe One Year Sustained!!!

Hey, its been on year since i first started my first test blog ( Had thought that it wud be a one-time affair, but hey hv arried it fwd for one whole year. Seems a long time from my perspective....

Parents, Relatives everywhere LOLL!!!

Today's the Convocation day of the seniors. All have called their parents, relatives, frdz to the campus. Seems to me that thr must be more relatives than students on campus. :-) Waiting for 1 yr down the line, when my parents will be here LLOLL. Waitinnn...........

Thursday, March 16, 2006

First-mover advantage??

One more everyday management jargon this, the one that we almost hear atleast once in class. but then, i think it probably might remain only in mgt books, some yrs down the line. How about the biggest example that comes to my mind as of now - the G-Mail/G-Talk onslaught on Yahoo mail/messenger. Well, it all depends on ur offers to ur consumers today than the first-mover advantage.

Indian Ronaldinho at work??

chk out this link,curpg-1.cms

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hapy Holi !!!!!!

A Very Happy Holi To All My Frdz !!!!!!
Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

IndigoEdge !!

So here comes a startup from IIM Lucknow Batch Of 2006 - IndigoEdge. 6 guys deciding to venture into the area of Medical Tourism & Consultancy for SME's. Now thats more like it. Away from those high-paid managerial jobs, these guys hv decided to go for "Something Different". Very few guys wud have the courage to deny those hefty pay-packages to risk their careers & watever they have. But then, that was wat most of us told to enter the IIMs in the first place. And these guys hv decided to live upto wat they said, to go where their hearts are, to be ready to take the biggest risk of their lives. All The Best guys. Hoping to see IndigoEdge touch great heights in the future.
For others, heres it

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Site Of the Moment??

hey, just visited the link of The Top 100 Blog Sites. Saw my blog rated as the "Site Of the Moment". Dont know wat that means. But, then watever.... Any praise is welcome (might be only for seconds, but then who cares :-) ) Am very happy. Feels good, though i know that might be a veeerryyy trivial thing for those maintaining that site. Very much posssible that they might be rating all their sites as "Site Of the Moment" for some moments. BUUUUUUUTTTTTT, currently its my moment :-) Sounds selfish, but then thats wat i am :-)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Electives - The Right Deicision??

The day of submitting the list of electives is day-after-tmrw. Possibly, that wud be the list that might define my life. God knows whether i wud be able to make the right decision or not. Hence, am writing it in this blog. Posiibly, some yrs down the line, I wud be able to answer this question. Hoping for the best.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We all have Dreams????

Well, had one of our ppt's (glaxo company coming in fr recruiting) & they showed some ads depicting dreamz. Just that moment i realized that i have stopped dreaming. I remember those days when i used to dream a lot & my sis used to mock it saying "Sapneee" (started dreaming again :-) ). But, then i had some goals. Now, its like i'm doing watever comes my way. Now i know those days were better. Just hope i start Dreaming again. Dream waaaaatever, but......

PS:Nidhi,Seems to me kind of a huge coincidence. Actually just yesterday, i was thinking of writing a piece on Dreamz. But left it bcoz of laziness. Seeing ur post on ur blodg inspired me to go for it now. And yup hv taken the Title fr ur blog. Hope u dont mind that:-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bird Flu..

Bird Flu attacks Northern India. So its bye to Onlet etc. for me. Frdzz prevented me fr having omlet today. Dont know why am i writing this over the blog. But then, who cares. Just got half an hour to go for the lecture and cant think of anything else to do. So thought let me show my loyalty to this blog :-)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Pool Time...

Not many lectures happening nowadays, since most of the faculty is out to take the CAT interviews. Me and my frd was thinking of our days, that tension of giving the interviews, reading thru for the reviews and a whole lot of dreamzzzzz. Feels so relieved now haha…
Well hv started playing (learning) pool nowadays, seems am kinda addicted with it….cya

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, for a long time now, have not been following the sensex, but thought since have loads of time, hence wud write on it. Well, the time has come when ppl have started mocking those who say that gravity will show its way on the markets. And the reason they give is that thats been said since the markets touched 6k. But then, thats wat the market is all about - if u cud define when it wud rise or fall, then wats the gambling or the roisk factor in it. But 1 thing i can say for sure and quoting Ashu Dutt "Everything that goes up Comes down". So guys just wait & watch - theres a whole bunch of ppl who r gonna burn their hands again. All The Best.....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

examz over!!!

finally the examz gonna come to an end tmrw. am really fed up of studying pmir globe, so thats it for the day. fun statrz tmrwww. hhahahah.......

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Devilzz Strike Back!!!!

Yup, they hv striked back again - The Mid-Termzz. 3rd term examz start from 10th, will end on 15th. So its that time again when i gotta live with those books -the things i hate the most :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

innovation thinktank??

Well, as usual hv been getting many spam msgs from airtel. But today got a msg, in which was written that "now u cn get 2 songs in 1 ringtone".Might seem like a small thing, but after coming to Hell, hv started thinking otherwise. Well, i think even that is not different than a good pc of marketing innovation, might be a small one though. But then in marketing , u get paid for being creative.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Am Back

So i am back , after a looonggggg time.Actually really think dont hv anything to write. Same routine life goinnnn. Nothing much happening. Had been playing Unreal for the last 10-odd days, so again as usual had to delete the game from the co--The only way to stop me playing :-). Will hv to start studying, but then each day passes-by with that thought in mind:-)
chalo cya.