Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We all have Dreams????

Well, had one of our ppt's (glaxo company coming in fr recruiting) & they showed some ads depicting dreamz. Just that moment i realized that i have stopped dreaming. I remember those days when i used to dream a lot & my sis used to mock it saying "Sapneee" (started dreaming again :-) ). But, then i had some goals. Now, its like i'm doing watever comes my way. Now i know those days were better. Just hope i start Dreaming again. Dream waaaaatever, but......

PS:Nidhi,Seems to me kind of a huge coincidence. Actually just yesterday, i was thinking of writing a piece on Dreamz. But left it bcoz of laziness. Seeing ur post on ur blodg inspired me to go for it now. And yup hv taken the Title fr ur blog. Hope u dont mind that:-)


Nidhi said...

LOL, I didnt mind at all. I liked it.
Even I tell to my elder brother Sapneee. Hehehe
You have not written what were your dreams when you were young.

JV said...

Yes, dreaming is the proof that you are living. When we bury our dreams, we bury ourselves.

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Deepak said...

hey nidhi, hv posted 1 of my dreamz on ur blog.
JV: Ya dude, thats wat i feel is absolutely clear to me now. When i was fighting to join an iim, i had that challenge, that dream & i very strongly feel i was much much better at that time bcoz i had some goal. Just hope i get some good goal soon, though i know it wud be almost impossible for me to work on it as long as i am at this place (well its the time factor--veeerryyyy stressed for it yaar).
Anyways, thx for the comment.Visited ur blog. Very fond of shayaris ha:-)

JV said...

Thanks for reciprocating. You will find your goal. You have already got a goal! to get a goal :)

Deepak said...

good one jv :-)

Neeraj said...

Deepak, what JV wrote is very true "dreaming is the proof that you are living".

As for finding time to dream, try a very simple thing. Once you goto bed, forget about everything else.

I know you'll be dreaming again like you have never stopped :-)

Deepak said...

hey niraj, thx for the idea. But, i think that u got dreaming in the other sense. Wat i was stressing on was more concerned with dreaming of a goal, and working towards it. Anyways, thx for commenting :-)