Saturday, September 03, 2005


Got to study a lot yaar. But what I have been doing is sleeping a lot. Ppl sleep at ard 4am and me here at 1am. Just can't control the sleep. Don't know how all the others do it.
Seems this term has a lot of theory to be studied. Have been studying ITM and MANAC since the morning. Have my OM quiz tmrw, have to study for that too. Prob will have to go to the Library for that now. me already feeling bored. :-)


A frd of mine is in gr8 tension with the cat date approaching and he not being able to get good scores in the simcats. This reminds me of the same situation I was in a yr back, when i was working in the same company, Infosys. Never ever thought that i wud make it to this place. But then, who's complaining :-)
Anyways, my end-terms start on 19th and this time wanna work hard to get a better standing in the class, that will judge my cgpa.