Sunday, December 24, 2006

Presuures building..

Lateral Placements are just round the corner. The presuures really starting to build up on me..frankly, dont hv much of a profile which many companies wud like..first not a very good engg college..then exp in operations in a not-so-known company, then a shift to an IT job, and now majoring in finance & systems. In the beginning, it was like that i really want to learn things, and hence tok up finance, but its a fact tht fin is the only 'real' specialciatn here..most of the other specialisations include jus passing time & nt much of learning. Still, the whole point is its very difficult to get into a good fin company here, with loads of ppl majorinf in fin (many of them invovling only in fraud fin subjects though :( ) for the laterals, thrs definitely a lot of pressure...getting to this place itself had given rise to some huge expectations fr many ppl, including me..nw tht tension is whether thrs any chance of me standing upto those expectations, or will i falter (for the many reasons)......Hv really been low on confidence after entering this place..jus hope i get bak to i used to be..atleast before leaving..& surely a good job will do wonders fr tht....hoping to finally get something out of this place...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of Term 5

So Term 5 at Hel(L) came to a climax today..The Batch of 2007 is flocking to its nests "officially" for the last time now. Moi had decided to stay back for my own reasons...Am sure these will be the most borrrriiiinggggg dayz for me at Hell :(
Cant help...hv to get thru it now..may it be movies, may it be playing, or resume making etcc what do i do now ??????????? :(((