Tuesday, August 30, 2005

writing for some change...

Well this time i hv been a bit more frequent in writing. Well, was just feeeling bored. Checked my mails. but unfortunately nowadays am missing those fwds which I always hated :-)
No new mails in my mailbox. So had to do something when I sat in front of the comp. So thought would come here and check out my blog. End-terms r about to start from 19th september, they end on 24th. I hv my tickets to home of the same day. Wud atleast be with family for 5 days. Tough life out here. Had studied not ba for the mid-terms, but my marks dont reflect that. Its relative grading and ur efforts weigh only if they r greater than the others. Anyways, this is Poddy. And as I always say "Poddy never loses".
"Not to fear, Poddy is here"

Monday, August 29, 2005

Lazy as never....

Hey I'm back. Not very frequent on blogging. Actually have got a lot lazier than I used to be.I just remember those days when I was working at Infosys, Bhubaneswar and had my CAT just a day-before my Infosys Comprehensive Exam. Still I didnt give up. Currently, the scenario is like I get a chance to avoid something and wohh!! me not out there. :-)
Have become lazy, am not fighting for the grades, have been getting my mid-term marks--me somewhere nr. the avg or maybe below it. Still dont have that enthu to study more. Actually, I know tht i got to study for 2 yrs now, so just dont wanna get into that cgpa battle.
Know that that wud affect my placements, but then watever.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Had been to Nainital. Enjoyed the 2 days out of Hell. Went horse-riding (actually just fall short of falling down from the horse--Beta John :- ).Did boating etc.. Also visited Mukteshwar. Gr8 place to be among the glories of nature.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Finally there comes some relief for me. Saw my recorded comm presenatation yesterday. It was bad, but still not as bad as i had thiught :-)
Also, just saw my name in the list of 25 ppl who had been shortlisted after the task-round of Manfest--waht for??? hey man, what else but for the next round :-)
Well, whatever happens with manfest. But I am sure chucking me out was all PCom's loss. :-)
Who Cares....
Hve my mid-terms beginning tmrw-til friday
so till then, take care


Well, felt like coming back to my blog after almost a month.What can be a perfect example of inconsistency than wat happened to me today.
Am really depressed today. Had my comm presentation today and it went really badddd!!!!
I had my lam presenation day-before-yesterday and that was one hell of a presentation from my side. Had got some very good reviews of it that day. And now, I am here presenting the worst of the day. :-(
Will get a formal review about it form the sir today. And I know that's gonnna be bad.
Dont know why this happens to me. So much inconsistency????