Tuesday, August 30, 2005

writing for some change...

Well this time i hv been a bit more frequent in writing. Well, was just feeeling bored. Checked my mails. but unfortunately nowadays am missing those fwds which I always hated :-)
No new mails in my mailbox. So had to do something when I sat in front of the comp. So thought would come here and check out my blog. End-terms r about to start from 19th september, they end on 24th. I hv my tickets to home of the same day. Wud atleast be with family for 5 days. Tough life out here. Had studied not ba for the mid-terms, but my marks dont reflect that. Its relative grading and ur efforts weigh only if they r greater than the others. Anyways, this is Poddy. And as I always say "Poddy never loses".
"Not to fear, Poddy is here"