Sunday, October 16, 2005

Devil of Hell - The Summers

So me got a lot of work the next 1 month or so. Had missed my term 1 exams, so its 3 major things for me- term 1, term 2 and the dreaded of them all, summers. Don't know why ppl out here stress so much on it. After all, its just a 2-month affair and ppl with previous work-ex wud know wat is the use of 2 months of work-ex in the industry. Infact i know of ppl form my insti, who went to their summers company 2 times in total. Anyways, lots of CV review rounds, mock gd's, mock pi's and wat not is going on. Me have decided wud not care much about it. Have some other jobs at hand. As one of the prof's said "Dont get so deep into that hole, that ultimately u may not need it" (MBA students wud understand wat that means :-) )