Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bangalore Days...

Mentioned below is my current gtalk status message. To give a background, I was on a project in Pune for 8 months, and just as I got released from there, I have been sent to Bangalore for another project. More-over, there was a big team in Pune, made a lot of good friends there, where-as in Bangalore, even though the accomodation is much better, but I am totally alone in the hotel. There is no-one to have fun with. Plus, I cannot even run-back to Mumbai on the week-ends as I used to do from Pune.

Based on all this, obviously, am a lil disappointed, and hence thought let me try to use sarcasm on others to ease my pain :-)

So, here it is...the below message is courtesy some of my friends, who have their own pains to cry on...but whatever, helps me...yea yea, the sadist me :P

Here's the message:
"On a positive note...i'm still in a metro city, nt in sme god-forsaken plc in rajasthan, i'm nt married to a girl who can as well model for a toothpaste ad, i'm no-whr close to being in a dilemma to choose between a job in mum or blore, i hvnt recvd my increment in the form of sodexho passes, and i've all d time in the wrld to come-up wid this status...thts my current status...no offence guyz :P"

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