Friday, March 13, 2009

B2B or B2C

Recently came across an advertisement on TV, by Tetra Pak, promoting the use of milk sold in Tetra Pak packagings. It was a generic ad, show-casing the different milk brands like Nestle, Paras, etc. available in Tetra Pak packaging in the market.

It attracted my attention for the reason, that come to think of it, Tetra Pak is a B2B company, whose customers are the various milk-producer brands listed above; but instead Tetra Pak here is trying to promote directly to the end consumers. This would basically create a win-win situation for Tetra Pak as well as for its ‘customers’; as even the Processing Director of the company agrees: “if they fail we fail”…Interesting!!

By the way, on a google search, got this link to the Hindu Business Line
Seems I had been over-looking this ad for more than 2 yrs then :-)

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