Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Games Life Plays :-(

Am back to the only place i come back to whenever i am feeling down. So thr it goes..Life plays yet another game with me...2 companies showing me absolutely great profiles, finally ending up giving nothing. There was Wipro Consulting selecting me and one another guy, for a permanent US posting for consulting, but the US firm needs previous consulting work-ex. I remember the placecom member saying me that the company was really desparate to take you. I really had a beautiful interview, i knew.
And then , there was CitiFinancial. Again, out of watever number of ppl it shortlisted and interviewed, I was the only one to be said that they are making me a temporary offer, and i might have to go thru a telephonic interview. Considering that it didnt make any offers to anyone else, it ws quite a positive thing. Plus, it was offering a profile, which wud be just a dream for anyone on campus..A Product Manager of their To-Be-Launched Insurance Group (of the role of an Asst. Vice-President). Then, they kept on taking interviews-after-interviews..personal, telephonic, and video-conferencing....in total had 4 interviews wiht them (as opposed to the normally only 1 interview that most companies take)....But here's whr my luck strikes back again....the last interview (the video-conf)wasnt too good and i think their decision wud be based on tht, primarily bcoz those ppl (fr tht dept) had seen me fr the first time then. Actually has been ard 4 days after the video-conf., and the company hasnt called back, And i know i have yet again lost it..The pcom guy somehow cant reach they HR person of the company since these 4 days.I know its gone, opportunity lost.......But frankly think why did this have to happen...wud have been much better if they wud have chucked me out in the first interview itself..wats the use....know that they aren't aware....but ask me, It Hurts :(

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